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Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding some seat brands. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free.
How Racing Gloves from OMP Can Provide You Control and Grip on The Racetrack

How Racing Gloves from OMP Can Provide You Control and Grip on The Racetrack

OMP is a global leader in manufacturing high-end auto and kart racing gloves. The company is known to go above and beyond in manufacturing some of the best race gloves widely used and praised in professional motorsports. Users have spoken highly about the quality of these gloves, as they provide the ultimate grip and comfort on the racetrack.

They're effortless to wear and fit perfectly on the hands. The pre-curved shape minimizes fatigue and enhances control over the race car. The gloves are genuinely one of the best in the business.

If you're wondering what gloves to buy for your auto-racing experience, the OMPs might be perfect. Here's how its construction and critical features help provide better grip and control over the vehicle.

Construction of Gloves

OMP uses premium materials to manufacture its high-end brand of gloves. They have manufactured these products to provide racers with the ultimate comfort, protection, and performance on the track. Their pre-curved technology helps reduce material bunching, putting less pressure on the hands—reducing fatigue, and allowing the driver to race long laps.

OMP S2 racing gloves.


The ONE-S gloves created by the company comply with the FIA 8856-2000 homologation standards. The gloves have silicon rubber inserts that provide optimal grip on the wheel. Racers have also experienced lightness and sensitivity when using the OMP brand. The company takes security and safety very seriously which is why their gloves offer increased protection against heat transmission and unprecedented mechanical resistance. OMP motor gloves tick all the boxes!

OMPs gloves are optimal for all race types. You can buy one for a drag, dirt, or offroad experience or use it for high-speed road racing. OMP is genuinely one of the best in high-end manufacturing equipment at an unbeatable price!

Key Features

OMPs are known for their high-end features and quality construction. Innovation is at the heart of their manufacturing. Their gloves have helped several motorsports enthusiasts enhance their on-track performance by providing the ultimate control over the steering wheel. They have used optimum technology in the manufacturing process to create some of the best gloves in the business.

OMP has firmly established itself as one of the leading racing glove manufacturers in the world. The company is a true pioneer in cutting-edge glove production. In saying that, getting your hands on these quality gloves can be hard. If you're looking for omp steering wheelCarbon fiber helmet check out our online store at Fast Racer.

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