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by OMP
$259.00 USD

Color: Black Spokes | Red Stitching

Buy OMP Corsica Steering Wheel Online

Your everyday sedan and a purpose-built race car are similar in a lot of ways. They both have a driver, an engine, and four tires. However, they’re also very different machines. Both racing drivers and road car users constantly interact with their steering wheel as they drive, but there’s a staggering difference in the role and functionalities of the two components. Motorsport requires steering wheels that are light, responsive, and provide a precise feel of the tarmac surface.

If you’re looking for a premium-quality racing steering wheel, the OMP Corsica steering wheel is a great option. Featuring an ergonomically-designed rim finished in stitched leather or suede, it’s a dished competition wheel with 3-spokes finished in anodized aluminum spokes.

  • The OMP Corsica steering wheel is a Professional Competition steering wheel designed for saloon racing, rally or road use.

  • The 3 spoke, full dish design wheel is available in black leather or suede.

  • Dished steering wheel with 3 anodized aluminum spokes.

  • Mada in Aluminium and steel.

  • Complete with horn button.

  • Diameter: 350 mm.
  • Handgrip: oval 30 x 28 mm.
  • Depth: 95 mm.
  • OD/1956/N - Smooth leather. Black anodized spokes. Yellow stitching.
  • OD/1956/NR - Smooth leather. Black anodized spokes. Red stitching.
  • OD/1956/AN - Smooth leather. Silver anodized spokes. Yellow Stitching.
  • Stock Car

  • Saloon 

  • Rally

  • Sedan

  • Road Racing

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