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Zamp Z-20 Photochromatic Replacement Shields

Original price $104.95 USD - Original price $119.95 USD
Original price $104.95 USD
$104.95 USD

$104.95 USD - $119.95 USD
Current price $104.95 USD
Color: Clear-Dark Smoke

About this item:

  • The Zamp Z-20 Photochromatic Shields go from bright to dark racing conditions without having to change shields. One shield works for Night or Day!

  • The new Z-20 Photochromatic Shield come is four different options. Choose smoothly transitions from (1) clear to dark; (2) clear prism to red prism; (3) clear prism to gold prism, or (4) clear prism to blue prism (or vice versa) depending on the brightness of the race track without having to change the shield!

  • Zamp-Racing recommends that you periodically change shields for better vision and safety.

  • NOTE (1): Zamp Racing DOES NOT recommend using Racing Optic Perimeter Seal Laminated tear-offs on Coated Shield (including ALL Z-20 and Z-24 Prism Shields). They can have a reaction that can potentially damage the shield or shorten the longevity of the shield. The standard non-perimeter seal has no issue.

  • NOTE (2): If your tear-offs are not allowing the photochromatic to work, it is because the tear-off or adhesive is blocking the UV light. Z-Optics tear-offs do not block UV light, allowing the photochromatic shields to work.

  • Manufacturer part number:
    • HASZ20PHOTO (Photochromatic Clear - Dark)
    • HASZ20PHOTOBP (Photochromatic Clear - Prism Blue)
    • HASZ20PHOTOGP (Photochromatic Clear - Prism Gold)
    • HASZ20PHOTORP (Photochromatic Clear - Prism Red)
  • ZAMP Z-20 Series Shield Fitment Guide:
    • Zamp RZ-36
    • Zamp RZ-36 Dirt
    • Zamp RZ-36 Air
    • Zamp RZ-37Y Youth
    • Zamp RZ-42Y Youth
    • Zamp RZ-42Y Youth Graphic
    • Zamp RZ-56
    • Zamp RZ-56 Air
    • Zamp RZ-59
    • Zamp RZ-60
    • Zamp RZ-60V
    • Zamp RZ-62
    • Zamp RZ-62 Graphic
    • Zamp RZ-62 Air
    • Zamp RZ-64C
    • Zamp RZ-65D Graphic
    • Zamp RZ-70E Switch
    • Zamp RL-70E Switch 
  • NOTE: DO NOT USE power tools or overtighten screws when changing shields.

  • Step 1 - Lay a towel on a flat surface and set the helmet on it.

  • Step 2 - Remove the shield pivot tensioners on each side. (This is the smaller crew on the sides of the shield.)

  • Step 3 - Remove the shield pivot screws on each side. (This is the larger screw on the sides of the shield. For best results, we suggest using a quarter to loosen/tighten these screws).

  • Step 4 - Remove the shield. We suggest using a soft cloth towel to wipe down the rubber seal as well as where the shield mounts to the helmet for best results.

  • Step 5 - Place the new shield on the helmet. There are two white washers that go between the shield and helmet, make sure these are in place before re-installing the shield pivot screws.

  • Step 6 - Hand thread the shield pivot screws to hold the shield in place. Once hand threaded, use a quarter to tighten until snug with the helmet shell. Do not over-tighten.

  • Step 7 - Hand thread the shield pivot tensioners, then tighten to desired tension for shield movement.

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