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Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding a few oversized items. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free. Most orders ship the same day!
Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding some seat brands. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free.

Extreme SimRacing Cockpit Compact 2.0

Original price $499.00 USD - Original price $499.00 USD
Original price
$499.00 USD

$499.00 USD - $499.00 USD
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About this item:


1-year Warranty

We provide a complete setup warranty to protect your investment.


Tech Support

We offer exclusive live tech support during business hours (ET). 

 We provide local maintenance for our products in the United States.

Note: Electronics such as steering wheel, pedals, computer, monitor, console and others are not included in this product. Some accessories are sold separately.


Our entry rig with professional DNA 

welcomes you to the World of Virtual Racing


Servo Motor Wheel Bases or 

Bases Under 5Nm force


Ready for Pedals up to 100 kg Force


Reclining Seat with rail adjustment


Full of Adjustments


330 lbs Max. Wheight



4.2 to 6.6 feet

Driver Height Range


Premium Quality Finish


Assembled in USA


A compact and complete solution that will surprise you.

340lbs Max.

Weight Load


Product Weight 

4.2ft to 6.6ft

Height Range




In this ad

Performance and Ergonomy for every Sim Racing Enthusiast

- 1 Fully Adjustable Chassis COMPACT 2.0

- 1 Seat with reclining adjustment, perfect to adapt between Formula and GT Positions.

- 1 Double Rail Adjustment Kit that will keep your seat steady and allow for a wide range of leg positioning. 

- 1 Cup Holder to help you to stay hydrated during races.

- 1 Integrated Wheel Deck Shifter Mount.

- 1 Wheel Deck with steering wheel drilling compatible with the most well-known brands on the market. This deck is fully adjustable to fit the perfect wheel positioning and ergonomy. 

- Reinforced pedal plate with holes for pedals from the best-known brands on the market.



The ergonomy of driving is really important, especially if you stay for long hours in a race. Maintaining a comfortable and steady seat position is crucial to improve your driving skills and developing your muscular memory. 


With that in mind, we developed and designed this to suit different heights and riding modes, with quick and intuitive adjustments that enable you to find the best driving position. 


Easy-to-reach handles make the whole adjustment process agile and precise.


Quick and Intuitive design to suit different drivers and riding modes.



This seat was developed thinking about comfort, durability, and body type compatibility. It's a new standard in quality for entry-level seats.


The seat has multiple adjustments, with a shoutout to the reclining back adjustment up to an angle of 170º. The leg distance adjustment is supported by double rails putting it in a superior category to the models already on the market in this price range. 


And we don't miss the point that looks are important in motorsport. The seat and the chassis convey the feeling of robustness and speed.


Covered with high-resistance fabric, it makes cleaning easy and quick, keeping your seat looking like new again.


Important: Pay attention to the seat size to make sure it meets all your needs. This seat is suitable for racing simulators and it's not licensed to be used in real vehicles.



Exquisite care in finishing will make your cockpit look new and beautiful for years.


Extreme care with the painting, welding quality, and differentiated design, all make this product unique.


Rubber leveling feet, plastic reducers to avoid metal-to-metal friction, front caster wheels to improve mobility, and high-resistance carbon steel bring to the product a rigidity much superior to other products found on the market in the same price segment.



- Heavy-duty Plate Pedal with the option of angle and distance adjustment.

- Multi-hole pattern compatible with most of the well-known brands of pedals in the market.

- Caster wheels to easily move the entire structure around.

 - Huge wheel deck compatible with the best belt and direct-drive wheelbases in the market.

- Multiple angles, distance, depth, and height adjustments for the perfect wheel position.

- Integrated Cup Holder and gear shifter mount.

 - Quick adjustment knobs for easy and accurate adjustments.

- Rubber leveling feet help to align the cockpit and protect the floor from scratches.

- Plastic reducers to reduce metal-to-metal friction, increasing equipment life.




Driving Force GT, G920, G25, G27, G29, G923, TP3A Pro Pedals, Logitech Shifters


T300, T500 RS, TS-PC Racer, TX-XW Racer, TX , T-GT, TH8 Shifter, TH8A Shifter.


Clubsport V1, Clubsport V2, Clubsport V2.5, CSL, CSL ELITE,  Clubsport V1 Pedals, Clubsport V2 Pedals, Clubsport V3 Pedals, Clubsport Shifter

Other brands: contact us to check the compatibility



Chassis Material

Carbon steel

Seat Material

Iron, fabric and foam

Seat Double Slider


Seat  Angle Adjustment


Reclinable 170º


Integrated TV Stand with Back Tray


Articulated Keyboar Tray


Cup Holder


Shifter and Hand Brake Mount

Coming Soon

Object Holder


Add-On Triple Screen


Add-on Top Screen


Workstation Keyboar Tray

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