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OMP | 515 HST 5 Point Racing Harness With Lever Latch

by OMP
$199.00 USD

Color: Red
  • 515 HST is a 5 Point Racing Harness with Lever Latch. Features a  3" shoulder and lap straps and 2" crutch straps, all of which are fitted with bolt in end fittings.

  • The fittings on the shoulder straps can be removed to allow fitment to a roll cage or harness bar if wanted.

  • The buckle is a lever latch type which is designed to work in wet, dusty and muddy conditions.

  • The shoulders and lap straps are all adjustable so getting yourself secure into your vehicle and getting out is made easy. To tighten the straps you just have to pull on the straps and to loosen you pull up the adjusters which also have extra tabs to grip on to. 

  • With a traditional type harness, the buckle can easily get jammed full of mud preventing its release - with this leaver latch type, no matter how much mud and dirt is in the buckle it will always release

  • The harness is extremely strong, hard wearing and is ideal for such events as Autograss, Oval Racing, Off-Road Racing or where an FIA approved harness is not required.

  • Technical Information:
    • Shoulders: 3" straps.
    • Lap: 3" straps.
    • Crotch: 2" strap
  • Homologation: SFI 16.1 approved for use with or without an FHR / HANS device.

  • SKU: DA515HST061.

      • Dirt forms of racing, autograss, oval Racing, off-Road Racing or where an FIA approved harness is not required.

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