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Extreme SimRacing Gear Shifter Mount For AX80 or Any Aluminum Chassis 80X40

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About this item:


Electronics, seat chassis and accessories are not included, check the description for what is included.

PS: To apply the handbrake, additional support is required.
PS: Compatible with any 80 x 40 aluminum chassis.

Introducing the Shift Support for the AX80 Chassis or any aluminun chassis 80 x 40: Elevate your simulator experience to new heights of immersion and precision! Specially designed to enhance your virtual racing, this meticulously crafted mount is the perfect companion for those seeking the ultimate in realism, whether you're conquering drifts, mastering rally courses, or exploring the world of mechanical gearbox vehicles.

Crafted from robust aluminum profile and reinforced with thick steel plates, the Shift Support and Handbrake Mount boasts the same durable construction as the cockpit chassis itself. This ensures not only a seamless aesthetic integration but also a lasting companion for your intense virtual rides.

With its pre-drilled holes, this mount makes the integration of essential electronics a breeze. You'll find independent adjustments for height, inclination, and depth*, allowing you to tailor the mount's configuration to your unique preferences. Experience the perfect positioning for precise gear changes and handbrake maneuvers as you navigate the twists and turns of virtual tracks.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from 40x80 aluminum profile and reinforced with carbon steel plates for unrivaled rigidity.
  • Independent height adjustment on the fixing plate for personalized comfort.
  • Fine-tune the inclination of the gearshift and handbrake base plate for ergonomic precision. PS: To apply the handbrake, additional support is required.
  • Depth adjustment available for select gearshift models with specific structural requirements.
  • Pre-drilled holes accommodate a wide range of gearshift and handbrake models available on the market.
  • Electrostatic painting provides a sleek finish while enhancing durability.


- 6mm frame fixing plate,
- 40x80 perforated aluminum profile,
dedicated base for both gearshift and peripherals,
- We provide all the necessary bolts and nuts for effortless assembly, ensuring you spend more time behind the virtual wheel and less time with the toolkit.
- User manual

Unlock a new dimension of driving realism with the Shift Support and Handbrake Mount. Perfectly tailored for compatibility with the AX80 chassis, this mount stands as a testament to precision engineering, immersive design, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate simulated driving experience. (Please note: Electronics, cockpit, and additional accessories are not included.)

*Depth adjustment available for gearshift models designed with structure extending fully over mounting threads. Not applicable to all models.

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