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IMPORTANT NOTE: We are finishing our warehouse transfer this week. Shipping of some items might be affected due to it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We are finishing our warehouse transfer this week. Shipping of some items might be affected due to it.

Bell | iRACING K1 PRO SA2020 Helmet +FREE Premium Bag

by Bell
$599.95 USD

Color: Graphic
  • This special graphic version of the K1 Pro is designed for iRacing global competitors who race virtually but also participate in on-track forms of racing.

  • The K1 Pro is a race-ready, multi-use, full-feature helmet with superior ventilation, aero styling, and an aggressive Bell chin bar design with a front chin spoiler (duckbill). 

  • Incorporating lightweight construction, excellent fit, and multiple ventilation options, the K1 Pro is an all-purpose helmet that can be used in various iRacing disciplines including stock car, road racing, open wheel, dirt track, prototype, rally, and off-road by racers who demand value, performance, and superior features. 

  • The K1 Pro can be used in an open-wheel configuration with air intake and in a closed-cockpit configuration with a forced air intake (sold separately).

  • The K1 Pro iRacing graphic helmet is an outstanding way to promote the iRacing platform while proving the race craft skills learned through virtual racing translates on-track in head-to-head competition. 

  • New Snell SA2020 Homologation.

  • +FREE Bell Victory R.1 Helmet Bag valued at $59.95. Limited time only.

  • Lightweight Composite Shell.

  • Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance.

  • Versatile ventilation system featuring lower front chin bar ventilation and upper air intake vents.

  • Integrated channels in face piece offer multiple options to install drink tube and radio systems.

  • Superior ventilation with direct flow chin bar, forehead vents, and top vents.

  • Rear spoilers, top gurney, and chin bar gurneys available separately.

  • Top air attachments available separately for use with external cooling systems.

  • M6 terminals for FHR anchor attachment and homologated for use with approved head and neck devices.

  • Synthetic rubber gasket seal to prevent dirt and water from entering the helmet.

  • 287 3mm SRV Shield (SRV-1 Pivot System) – Clear Shield

  • Graphic: iRacing.

  • Snell SA2020 Homologation

  • K1 Pro

  • Clear 287 SRV Shield Installed

  • Clear Air Intake

  • Circle Grommet Vent Plug Kit

  • Draw String Helmet Bag

  • Plastic Tearoff Post Kit

  • Hex Wrench Key

  • Dirt Track

  • Open Wheel

  • Karting

  • Off Road

  • Stock Car

  • Road Racing

  • Rally

  • Prototype

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