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Bell GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon Racing Helmet With Radio, Ear Cups With Speakers, Drinking Tube, 4-Pin IMSA connector with a Coil Cord +Free Fleece Bag

by Bell
Original price $1,599.95 USD - Original price $1,599.95 USD
Original price $1,599.95 USD
$1,599.95 USD

$1,599.95 USD - $1,599.95 USD
Current price $1,599.95 USD
Shell: Carbon Fiber
Size: 58 (7 1/4)

About this item:

  • The Bell GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon racing helmet has been developed for racers in a closed cockpit environment who require a radio communication system. It shares the same modern and aggressive design as the HP6 Carbon helmet with a lightweight premium carbon fiberglass composite shell.

  • The RD-4C/EC extension of the Bell GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon indicates this helmet has the following additional features compared with the standard version of the GT6 Carbon helmet:

    • Fully integrated radio communication system;
    • Ear Cups with Speakers (for extra noise reduction);
    • Hydration system for attaching to a drink bottle or supply system;
    • 4-pin IMSA connector with a coil cord.
  • The integrated radio communication system comprises a ZeroNoise branded noise-canceling microphone that is integral to the chin bar, a coiled cable with a heavy-duty in-molded male nexus connector, and an RCA connector compatible with in-ear speaker systems such as ZeroNoise or other brands.  

  • The Bell GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon Racing Helmet is supplied with factory-installed FHR/HANS posts as original equipment.

  • Certifications: Snell SA2020 and FIA8859-2015.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1239121 (size 54) to 1239129 (size 61+)

  • Note regarding sizing: This helmet range includes a 61+ size, which is 0.5cm larger internally than a size 61 in the same shell.

  • +FREE Bell Fleece Helmet Bag (on us). Limited time only.

  • Lightweight Premium Carbon shell

  • Wide eye-port opening for optimal vision in closed cockpit cars (Shield type SE06)

  • Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance

  • Extraction vents to maximize cooling and air circulation

  • Factory installed Hans anchors as original equipment

  • Optional top forced air intake can be installed on the left or right top side vents - available for use with and external cooling system

  • Optional side-cover (L or R) for smooth integration of radio connectors and hydration system

  • Interior: Dark Grey High Strength – High Comfort FR Fabric

  • Sizes: 54-55-56-57-58-59-60-61-61+

  • Certifications: FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020.

  • Closed Cockpit Racing Cars / Closed-car environments like Porsche series, GT, IMSA, Nascar, etc.

  • Bell GT6 RD Carbon-4C/EC 

  • Clear SE06 3mm DSAF Shield installed

  • Hans Anchors Installed

  • Drawstring Helmet Bag

  • Hex Wrench Key

  • +FREE Bell Fleece Helmet Bag (on us). Limited time only..

GT6 Pro White

#1239121: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 54 (6 3/4)
#1239122: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 55 (6 7/8)
#1239123: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 56 (7)
#1239124: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 57 (7 1/8)
#1239125: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 58 (7 1/4)
#1239126: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 59 (7 3/8)
#1239127: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 60 (7 1/2)
#1239128: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 61 (7 5/8)
#1239129: GT6 RD-4C/EC Carbon 61+ (7 5/8+)

SE06 3MM Replacement Shields

#2010461: SE06 3MM Clear AS/AF
#2010462: SE06 3MM Light Smoke AS/AF
#2010463: SE06 3MM Dark AS/AF
#2010464: SE06 3MM Silver Mirror AS/AF
#2010465: SE06 3MM Gold Mirror AS/AF
#2010466: SE06 3MM Blue Mirror AS/AF
#2010467: SE06 3MM Pink/Red Mirror AS/AF
#2010468: SE06 3MM Irridium Mirror AS/AF
#2010469: SE06 3MM ML Red AS/AF
#2010470: SE06 3MM ML Blue AS/AF
#2010471: SE06 3MM ML Green AS/AF
#2010472: SE06 3MM ML Purple AS/AF

Pulse Tearoff Posts

#ATP001BK: Pulse Aluminum Tear Off Post Black
#ATP001BL: Pulse Aluminum Tear Off Post Blue
#ATP001G: Pulse Aluminum Tear Off Post Gold
#ATP001GR: Pulse Aluminum Tear Off Post Green
#ATP001R: Pulse Aluminum Tear Off Post Red
#ATP001S: Pulse Aluminum Tear Off Post Silver
#LTP001BK: Pulse Lockdown Tear Off Post With Tools Black Anodized
#LTP001BK: Pulse Lockdown Tear Off Post Replacement Parts Kit

Forced Air Accessories

#2070312: Forced Air Low Profile
#2070313: Forced Air QL Nozzle

HP7 / RS7 Rear Spoiler

#2050031: HP7 Rear Spoiler Clear
#2050032: HP7 Rear Spoiler (V15) F1 Clear Small
#2050033: HP7 Rear Spoiler (V15) F1 Clear Medium
#2050034: HP7 Rear Spoiler (V15) F1 Clear Large

Breath Deflector

#2110001: Breath Deflector V10

Chin Cover Seal

#2110014: Chin Cover Seal V10 Grey (XSmall) 25MM
#2110015: Chin Cover Seal V10 Grey (Small) 40MM
#2110016: Chin Cover Seal V10 Grey (Medium) 55MM
#2110017: Chin Cover Seal V10 Grey (Large) 80MM

HANS Post Anchor Clip Sets

#2100001: Hans Clip Set Silver
#2100002: Hans Clip Set Black
#2100003: Hans Clip Set Blue
#2100004: Hans Clip Set Green
#2100005: Hans Clip Set Red
#2100006: Hans Clip Set Pink
#2100007: Hans Clip Set Gold
#2100008: Hans Clip Set Purple

Helmet Bags

#2120001: HP Helmet Bag
#2120002: Helmet & Hans Black Quilted Bag
#2120012: Fleece Black Bag (V16)
#2120013: Victory R1 Bag (V15)
#2120014: Hans Pro V2 Bag (V15)
#2120015: Pro V2 Roller Bag (V15)


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