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Extreme SimRacing AX80 Aluminum Profile Sim Racing Rig

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About this item:


Electronics, seat and accessories are not included, check the description for what is included.

The AX80 sounds like an impressive development by Extreme, designed to cater to the needs of professional and competitive racers. Constructed from aluminum profiles 80mm x 40mm  and reinforced carbon steel plates, the chassis seems to prioritize maximum rigidity and usability for aluminum profiles, making it an ideal choice for supporting Direct Drive wheels and load cell pedals. The incorporation of 6mm reinforced carbon steel plates adds to the chassis' sturdiness and durability.

The machined holes in the profiles that allow for total locking of the chassis indicate a focus on stability and secure positioning during intense racing sessions. Additionally, the fact that the chassis is designed to accommodate a seat indicates a comprehensive approach to providing a complete racing setup.

For sim racers seeking a high-performance and robust chassis that can handle the demands of competitive racing, the AX80 seems to offer a combination of features that would be highly appealing.

  1. Carbon Steel Steering Wheel Plate:

    • Material: Carbon steel
    • Design: Lateral and front bending forming a frame
    • Torsion: Zero torsion, ensuring minimal flex during force feedback (FFB) interactions
    • Compatibility: Supports Direct Drive wheels with force feedback up to 32 Newton-meters (Nm)

  2. Aluminum Pedal Base:

    • Material: Aluminum profile
    • Adjustability: Inclination and depth adjustment through side plates
    • Brake Modulation: Rigidity supports load cell brake modulation up to 300 kg
    • Design: Provides a solid platform for realistic pedal input

  3. Optimized Rigidity:

    • Design: Perforated external profiles for secure attachment using through bolts (without angle brackets)
    • Strength: Clean and efficient design for enhanced structural rigidity

  4. Vertical Profile Rigidity:

    • Design: Vertical profiles of the steering wheel base are perforated
    • Enhanced Strength: Joined to the chassis through a 6mm steel plate in a sandwich configuration, providing rigidity where it's most crucial
    • Adjustability: Horizontal plates on the profile allow for height and angle adjustments of the steering wheel

  5. Compatibility:

    • SIMAGIC: 
      BASES: M10, ALPHA (15Nm), ALPHA MINI (10Nm) and ALPHA U (23Nm)
      Pedals: P2000, P1000, P1000i
      SHIFTER: Q1, Q1S, DS-8X

    • LOGITECH: Driving Force GT, G920, G25, G27, G29, G923, TP3A Pro Pedals, Logitech Shifters

    • THRUSTMASTER: T300, T500 RS, TS-PC Racer, TX-XW Racer, TX , T-GT, TH8 Shifter, TH8A Shifter.

    • FANATEC: Clubsport V1, Clubsport V2, Clubsport V2.5, CSL, CSL ELITE, DD1, DD2, Clubsport V1 Pedals, Clubsport V2 Pedals, Clubsport V3 Pedals, Clubsport Shifter
    • Supports various brands and models of racing peripherals, contact us for more information.

  6. Painting and Finishing:

    • Design: With an anodized black finish on the aluminum profiles and laser engraving on the chassis, the AX80 stands out from most products found on the market today. All carbon steel sheets are electrostatically painted in black to increase the protection of the parts and create an exquisite finish

  7. Seat Compatibility:

    • Base profiles for the Seat accommodate fixing plates (not included) with holes up to 400mm deep and 480mm wide;


- Chassis in Aluminum Profiles,
- Base for steering wheel and pedals,
- Plates, tools and screws for assembly,
- User manual

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