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Fast Racer offers Fast 'N' Free Shipping on ALL US domestic orders. There is no minimum purchase and even the small stuff ships free.

About Us

Joao Pedro Guim, Brazilian Karting Racer (2012 Season).

 Joao Pedro Guim, Brazilian Karting Racer, 2012 Season.



Fast Racer History

We are on business since 2011 when we started a Motorsport Distribution Business in Brazil under the name of "Bersaghi Speed COM IMP EXP LTDA | goBS", having OMP (Italy, US) as main partner. 

It was not an easy task. We had the passion for Motorsport, knowledge on business management and importing process (which is very complex in Brazil) but no experience in the auto racing or karting markets in Brazil.

At the same time, OMP brand was still unknown in Brazil, even after the success of their fireproof tracksuits worn by highly decorated champions of Formula 1 as Ayrton Senna (*1960 - 1994, 3 times F1 World Champion Brazilian Driver and nationwide idol) and Michael Shumacher.

By 2017, we were supplying products to 13 physical stores and 12 online stores. We were very happy to work with dealers but we always lack the contact with end customers.

By mid 2017, it was time to reach a new milestone and so, it was born "Fast Racer" in the USA, focusing on end customers at this time. Once again, OMP Racing was chosen as a partner, while adding Bell Helmets to the family. 

We’re specialized in Auto Racing and Karting gear and apparel. You will find suits, gloves, shoes, helmets, seats, harnesses and accessories all coming from top brands as OMP, Bell, among others as we are continuously enhancing and growing our portfolio of products and brands. 

Out sales channel are exclusivelly online and we do not have a physical store. Most of the orders ship from our warehouse located in Saint Joseph, MI while may ship directly from our suppliers or partners. 

This story is still been written. We are growing day-by-day, thanks to you.  


Fast Racer US Team! 

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Tiago Camilo, Stock Car Brazil Driver, OMP Driver, 2012 Season.
Tiago Camilo, Stock Car Brazil Driver, OMP Driver, 2012 Season.