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Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding a few oversized items. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free. Most orders ship the same day!
Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding some seat brands. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free.
Why Fast Racer Should Be Your Top Choice for Racing Gear and Equipment

Why Fast Racer Should Be Your Top Choice for Racing Gear and Equipment

Premium racing equipment is key to having a safe, secure, and enthralling racing experience. As a racing enthusiast, you should not settle for substandard products because they can put your life at risk. You should look to invest in premium and top-notch equipment such as racing suits, gloves, and several other accessories to ensure maximum comfort, safety, and performance on the racetrack.

As a newbie, you might also be unaware of the relevant platforms where you can buy top-notch equipment at an unbeatable price. Well, don't worry; you are visiting the perfect online store that has the answer to all your questions. Fast Racer is an online store that stocks some of the best racing equipment sourced from some of the leading manufacturers in the world.

Emerson and Daisy co-founded Fast Racer in 2011. The company's origins can be traced to Brazil before it entered the US market in 2017. Fast Racer's strategic vision is to provide innovation and excellence by partnering with leading brands such as OPM Racing and Bell Race Helmets. Let's consider why Fast Racer should be your top choice for racing gear and equipment.

Partnership With Leading Manufacturers

One of the first reasons you should head over to Fast Racer for your racing equipment needs is that we have partnered with leading brands such as Racing Force Group, Bell, OMP, and Alpinestars to provide our customers with the very best products. Whether you need premium racing helmets from Bell, sturdy seats from OMP, or top-notch Alpinestars gloves, we have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable racing experience.

Buy Now Pay Later Option

Another reason to shop with us is that we are completely transforming how people get their hands on premium racing equipment by introducing the Race Now Pay Later Option in partnership with Affirm. With this payment plan, you can pay with special 0% interest in the thre month financing offer where payments are split into three payments with no interest. You can apply at checkout to check if you pre-qualify for the 3 months  with 0% finance through an easy and quick process. Your pre-qualification process won’t affect your credit score.

The interest-free repayment method has enabled motorsport enthusiasts to access high-end and cutting-edge motorsport, especially those who can't afford to pay for them in one go.


There is no credit card required and no hidden or late fees. Affirms will let you know up front what you'll be required to pay and when. The option has become an instant hit, and we are working very hard to introduce other similar options to meet the demand of our diverse clientele.

To learn more, check the “Race Now, Pay Later” dedicated page on our website.

Customer Services

The level of customer service and support we provide to our clientele really separates us from the rest. We guarantee you a safe, enjoyable, and winning experience through our products and services. If you have any questions regarding our products or racing in general, all you need is to speak to our real agents through our responsive chat feature, and we will happily answer all your questions.

We also provide fast and free shipping to customers across the US, and the good news is that there is no minimum purchase requirement. Our approval ratings are quite high, and customers love to use our platform. The fact that 99% of our customers give us a 4- or 5-star rating is a testament to the level of customer service we provide.

Get Started with Fast Racer

So, if you're looking for a one-stop solution to buy premium B2 helmets, technologically advanced race suits from OMP, or a pair of comfortable gloves from Alpinestars, head to Fast Racer.

We are a leading retailer for online auto racing helmets, and you can also buy a karting suit online from us. We have numerous products available, and enthusiasts can buy driving helmets and order OMP seats. Visit our website today to equip yourself with top-notch race suits and helmets.

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