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The Unknown Importance of Motorsport Racing Gloves - Fast Racer

The Unknown Importance of Motorsport Racing Gloves

By Matt Lambert at Right Motorsport



In the high-speed world of motor racing, drivers rely on a range of specialized equipment to ensure both their safety and performance on the track.

One critical piece of gear that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role is racing gloves. These gloves provide not only protection but also enhance the driver's ability to handle the car with precision and efficiency.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of motorsport racing gloves, emphasizing their fireproof properties, compliance with regulations, and the vital role they play in driver-car interaction. We will also provide examples of beginner, mid-range, and premium racing gloves to help you make an informed choice.


Fireproof Properties and Compliance

The first (and most important) point to consider is that racing gloves are there to protect your hands in the event of a fire by mitigating the risk of burns and covering your entire hand and lower forearm.

Motorsport gloves are typically made from fire-resistant materials such as Nomex, which is widely recognized for its ability to withstand high temperatures and flames. The use of fireproof gloves is not only a wise precaution but is often mandatory in many motorsport events, complying with regulations set by organizations like the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and National Motorsport Regulatory groups, like the Motorsport Association (MSA) and United States Motorsport Association (USMA).


The Importance of "Feel" in Driver-Car Interaction:

Racing gloves are not just about protection; they also significantly impact how a driver interacts with the car.

The level of "feel" a driver experiences through the steering wheel is crucial for precise control and handling. The steering wheel is one of the few “contact points” that the driver has with the vehicle and is arguably the most important.

Gloves must act like a second skin, providing grip to the steering wheel whilst minimizing any loss of feeling. High-quality racing gloves and some in the mid-range categories are specifically designed to minimize interference and maximize tactile feedback.

This enables drivers to sense the car's responses more accurately, allowing for quicker and more precise adjustments in steering, braking, and throttle input.


Beginner-Level Racing Gloves

For beginners, amateurs and track-day racers, there are various entry-level racing gloves available that provide adequate protection and functionality without breaking the bank. These gloves are often constructed from fire-resistant fabrics and feature reinforced palm areas for improved grip and durability. While they may lack some of the advanced features found in higher-end gloves, they are an excellent starting point for aspiring racers.

Example product: The OMP FIRST EVO Racing Gloves, priced at $139.00, offers a cost-effective solution for beginners, ensuring fire protection and grip without compromising on safety. You’ll always be in good hands with OMP Kit, a well-known, historic racing brand.


Mid-Range Racing Gloves

As drivers gain experience and seek enhanced performance, mid-range racing gloves become a more viable option. These gloves offer a step up in terms of materials, comfort, and design features. They often incorporate additional padding, improved stitching techniques, and advanced grip technology to enhance control and feel.

Example product: The OMP TECNICA Racing Gloves, priced at $179.00 provide a combination of fireproof properties, comfort, and advanced grip features, making them ideal for drivers looking to elevate their racing performance. These gloves also feature exterior stitching and seaming. This is where the joint seams on the gloves are on the outside of the fingers, making the inside soft and smooth.


Premium Racing Gloves

At the top end of the spectrum, premium racing gloves are designed for professional racers and those who demand the utmost quality and performance. These gloves utilize cutting-edge materials and innovative technologies to deliver superior comfort, dexterity, and tactile feedback. They are engineered to maximize the driver's ability to feel the car and make precise adjustments, resulting in improved lap times and better overall performance.

Example product: The Alpinestars Tech 1-ZX V2 and OMP ONE EVO X Racing Gloves, priced at $209.95 and $239.00 represent the pinnacle of racing glove excellence. With their advanced construction, ergonomic design, and exceptional grip, they provide professional-grade performance and unparalleled comfort.



In the world of motorsport racing, every element of safety and performance matters, and racing gloves are no exception. These gloves not only provide essential fire protection but also enhance the driver's connection with the car through an improved "feel." Whether you are a beginner, club-level or experienced driver, you will always appreciate a comfortable, well-made pair of gloves.

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