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OMP Racing And Bell Racing Merge - Fast Racer

OMP announces Bell Racing Helmets Group acquisition

OMP announced on December 11, 2019 at "Performance Racing Industry Trade Show" (PRI) held in Indianapolis, IN, the acquisition of the majority shares from Bell Racing Helmets Group.

"OMP now includes the world’s top manufacturer of head protection for motorsport drivers. The new Group will keep the worldwide presence of both brands with their respective facilities: OMP’s R&D and manufacturing headquarter of Ronco Scrivia, Genoa (Italy) and OMP America’s HQ in Miami, FL, along with Bell Racing’s assets: the R&D and manufacturing headquarter in Sakhir, Bahrain, together with the center in Ghislenghien, Belgium and the Bell Racing U.S. facilities in Champaign, IL, Speedway, IN and Mooresville, NC.", says an statement distributed to dealers network.

OK, so what? This acquisition creates the most important global group in the motorsports safety equipment industry. We do believe this new company will act as a catalyst for both OMP and Bell Racing to bringing more innovation and cutting-edge products to the market. 

Fast Racer is already a partner of both OMP and Bell Racing Helmets company for many years. We are happy to see the merge as it will be beneficial for both.





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