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Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding some seat brands. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free.
Just What Does the Garmin Catalyst Performance Optimizer Do?

Just What Does the Garmin Catalyst Performance Optimizer Do?

Imagine if you could have lap data, coaching, and other crucial information given to you while you drove. Well, you can, because that’s what the Catalyst does.

The Garmin Catalyst is your on-the-road, real-time, all-purpose coach. It’s a sophisticated program that oversees your driving performance. Literally called the driving performance optimizer, the Garmin Catalyst can be the game changer you need according to former pro race driver and coach Ross Bentley, a motorsports powerhouse.

True Track Positioning

Using 10 Hz multi-GNSS positioning, the Garmin Catalyst can help recreate your exact route on the track. The built-in accelerometers and image processors help with the same.

An On-Track Driving Coach

a race car

The Garmin Catalyst comes equipped with Bluetooth® technology and can provide real-time coaching cues that help you improve your strategy not during your second run, but during your first run—since you’re receiving coaching in real time. This is truly interactive performance optimization.

Lap Data in Real Time

Lap data is crucial for improving lap time —but the hitch is that we were never able to access and review this data up until we are done with our laps. But with the Garmin Catalyst, that changes. The Garmin Catalyst ensures you’re getting your lap data in real time so you can improve on the spot and make spur-of-the-moment decisions that will positively affect your overall strategy.


You can now compare all of your sessions and get immediate suggestions on where and how to improve your performance. With a quick turnaround rate, you can start evaluating your performance as soon as your session ends.


Once your session is completed, you have the option to immediately review the performance data on your portable device to get a better sense of the areas that need improvement.


No more third party apps that need to crunch the numbers for you! With Garmin Catalyst, all the graphs and analytical data you need to understand your performance will be made for you. It’s incredibly user friendly and quick to decipher.


Not sure what lines you need to track when racing? The user-friendly map gives you all the details you need to better understand your late or early apex decisions to better improve your overall speed.

Why You Should Listen to Ross Bentley

In the beginning of this blog, we mentioned that Ross Bentley is all praises for the Garmin Catalyst. Now, if anyone else had said the same, we might have advised you to exercise caution. But when it’s the man himself—a leading coach who has overseen many pro drivers ace Indy 500, NASCAR, and LeMans—it’s a different story. Bentley himself was a winner of the 24 Hours in Daytona and was the U.S. Road Racing Champ for 1998.

Other than the fact that Bentley is a globally recognized driver and race coach, he also owns a consulting business that deals with performance systems. He also spent a full week track testing the Garmin Catalyst in 2020.

If this man says the Garmin Catalyst is a game changer, it most definitely is.

Get the Garmin Catalyst Performance Optimizer Delivered to Your Doorstep

No matter where you are in the United States, Fast Racer can get the Garmin Catalyst Performance Optimizer delivered right to your doorstep—and at no additional cost! We also ship worldwide with a few exceptions. If you need more information about our shipping policy for international orders, you can read more here or get in touch with us at


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