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How To Clean Your Karting Suit?

How To Clean Your Karting Suit?

Learn how you can keep your racing kart suit clean with advice from Sparco and an online racing gear and accessories store.

As a kart racer, you and your auto racing tracksuit are inevitably going to get sweaty, dusty, and dirty. Speeding through race tracks with high speeds, dust flying everywhere, and increasing stress as you struggle to cross the finish line before anyone else; can all contribute to your dirty and smelly tracksuits.

So, do you just continue wearing your smelly tracksuits and act like you’re not having trouble breathing? No, you learn how to clean your tracksuit properly, ensuring its longevity and your safety while you cruise around the tracks in your race kart.

If you don’t know how to clean your racing kart suits adequately, fret not; here’s a simple and comprehensive guide to help you through the process.

Washing your racing kart suit

Considering the importance of keeping your racing kart suit intact, it’s crucial to treat it with care even when you’re washing or cleaning it.

Most racing kart suit manufacturers and sellers recommend dry-cleaning in order to preserve the integrity and longevity of the safety garments. You can’t just throw it in your washer and hope for the best.

Treat it like you treat your most fancy suits, either hand wash it or put it in a garment bag and run it in a delicate washing cycle for best results. Be sure to only use cold water and keep the belts and collar close to preserve their life and avoid snagging too.

After the race

It’s not necessary your racing kart suit will need a thorough washing after every race or ride, but with how intense motor sporting is, you’re sure to get hot and sweaty no matter how cool the tracksuit material may be.

If you head back home after a race and notice your race tracksuit is still relatively clean, you can hang it indoors to dry your sweat and any moisture. Hanging will also air out the suit, reducing any bacteria and foul smells.

racer in a kart suit

Materials to use

Even though rigid and sturdy, your racing kart suit needs a lot of tlc whenever you wash it. Using harsh chemicals and abrasive detergents like bleach can reduce its life and effectiveness.

Invest in some high-quality non-abrasive detergents like Woolite soap and Scotchguard. These effective detergents will not only give you the best and cleanest results but also won’t damage your racing kart suits material.

Once your kart suit is thoroughly cleaned, you can turn your suit inside out, let all the water drip, and air dry indoors, to avoid sun damage and discoloration.

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