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How to Clean the Helmet Shield?

How to Clean the Helmet Shield?

Has your helmet shield become dirty after extensive use? Learn how to clean your helmet shield effectively.

The helmet is an essential part of any racing driver’s outfit. Racecar drivers need a sturdy helmet to protect them if an accident occurs. Helmets are also often the most expensive part of your racing outfit.

A helmet comprises five components. There’s a rigid outer shell, which has load-bearing capabilities, and is designed to prevent objects from penetrating it. A crushable liner also features as part of your helmet. In addition, there’s soft padding on to make them them comfortable to wear. Chin straps or another retaining system are also present to ensure that the helmet remains secured to the head when traveling at speed. Finally, there’s the helmet shield or visor.

What does the Helmet Visor do?

The helmet visor protects your eyes from the sun as well as other small objects. Most visors today are transparent. However, before durable transparent substances like polycarbonate were made, helmet visors used to be opaque.

Cleaning Your Helmet Visor

Some people advise using chemical spray-on cleaners to clean your helmet visor. However, we don’t recommend using chemical cleaners as your visor could have a chemical reaction to these substances. A chemical response could cause your visor to weaken or distort. Instead, we recommend using warm water, a soft cotton washcloth, and mild soap to keep your helmet shield clean.

An easy way to clean your visor efficiently is to remove it from the helmet. However, do note that it can be challenging to reapply it. If you’re cleaning a bell race helmet, the process is relatively easier. You can start by removing the shield pivot screws on either side of your helmet using the hex wrench that came with your helmet. We also recommend using the hex wrench to remove the friction sliders and screws. Removing these screws will let you separate your shield from the helmet easily.

Most shields have an anti-scratch coating on them. Ammonia can destroy the anti-scratch coating, so avoid any cleaning product that lists ammonia as an ingredient. We recommend using the highest quality automotive, water-based glass cleaner for your helmet.

Running your helmet visor underneath some lukewarm water should work. Apply some soap after and use a soft cloth to clean. We don’t recommend using a scrub as it can damage your helmet’s shield. It is also vital to note that most visors have a protective coating layer on their interior, which you should never scrub.

Once you’ve cleaned your helmet visor, install the shield back onto the helmet by placing the pivot screws into place. We recommend ensuring that you don’t overtighten the screws because that may damage the screw threads or pivot inserts. You can replace the friction sliders and screws and adjust them to the desired level before locking the shield into place.

We urge you to regularly clean your helmet visor. Cleaning it once a week should ensure it’s spotless unless you live in an area with a lot of dust and wind. You should also make sure to clean your visor as soon as there’s any hint of dust and debris accumulation. Driving with a dirty helmet shield can be very dangerous.

 An F1 Driver’s helmet

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