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How to Become a Pro at Go-Karting?

How to Become a Pro at Go-Karting?

Are you a racing enthusiast? Become a pro at go-karting with our beginner friendly tips.

If racing is something you've always loved, you might want to try out go-karting. We've all tried go-karting as a kid but doing it professionally is a lot different. But at least it requires less investment of money and time than actual professional racing does.

Most people start participating in go-karting tournaments purely for the adrenaline rush and enjoyment. Remember, you can't succeed at anything without practice and good decisions. If you've been a go-karting enthusiast but didn't know how to excel at the sport, let us get you started with these beginner-friendly tips to help you get there.

Get Acquainted

The first and foremost thing you should do is visit go-karting tracks and familiarize yourself with them. Check out some go-karts and look at how they have changed over the years. Talk to some racers and look at their body language when they're in action. Here are some of the best racing tracks in the world you might want to visit:

  • Orlando Kart Center in Orlando, Florida
  • Dallas Karting Complex in Dallas, Texas
  • Kart Kountry in Shepherdsville, Kentucky
  • Jim Hall Track Time in Ventura, California

Select Your Go-Kart

Most people start with secondhand go-karts. Always make sure the buyer has sold you a complete go-kart, and nothing is missing, such as axles, brakes, or any other parts. Steer clear of old-school go-karts as they're not ideal for racing.

However, getting a new go-kart from the right dealer is sometimes way cheaper than secondhand go-karts, as the old ones require buying special parts that could cost you more than the actual kart itself. New karts will be better, and they'll last you longer.

Safety First

Investing in rib protectors is the first thing you should do for your safety. They are a must. Neck protectors are also recommended. Find a suitable helmet for yourself, along with a karting suit and boots. The safety gears will protect you in any case of collisions. Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move around and stretch in. Tie your hair if it's long and wear fully enclosed shoes.

Three men riding go-karts on a go-karting track

Driving the Go-Kart

Most go-karts are set in a similar way: you accelerate with your right foot, and your left foot is on the break. Gently press the accelerator and familiarize yourself with how much you need to press. Do the same with a break as well.  Never press both the pedals at the same time.

Don't speed too much and keep it smooth and avoid taking sharp turns and sudden breaks, as you can lose momentum easily. Keep your distance from other drivers. Finding straight tracks is the key as it helps you find your speed.

Adjust and Observe

The most crucial thing to do is get comfortable in your go-kart. Your posture and the way you position yourself in your go-kart affect your driving technique, how you handle the go-kart, and your speed. Sit with your back flat against the seat and both your hands symmetrically holding the steering wheel.

Get lots of seat time when you are practicing and observing others. Observe the breaking patterns, cornering techniques, the right time to overtake, and steering wheel positions from other drivers.

At Fast Racers, we have the right kind of gear and accessories you would require for your new adventure. So, if you're looking for a racing kart suit online, karting gloves, or kart racing shoes, check out our latest collections.


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