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How Do You Drive the Perfect Racing Line?

How Do You Drive the Perfect Racing Line?

Are you an aspiring car racer? Try and perfect the racing line.

Being able to drive the perfect riding line is one of the fundamental driving theories that every car racer needs to master before they get on the track.

In this post, we will study the perfect racing line in detail:

What is the racing line?

The racing line is the name given to the fastest arc line that runs through the race circuit. The driver’s goal is to approach the braking zone with maximum speed to get to the next straight quickly. The racing is individual to each driver and largely depends on the corner’s severity. It also depends on what kind of car you’re driving and how long you’re following the straight.

The components of a racing line

Most drivers use the following words to describe the racing line. However, irrespective of the term that you use, there are four main sections of the racing line as named below:

a. The breaking point. This point is the position where the driver begins to get onto the brakes just before the corner.

b. Turn-in point. This is the point where you can finally turn the corner. At this time, the driver already starts looking at the apex. As a racer, you should never miss the perfect turn-in time. This will impact your lap time.

c. Clipping point is also known as the apex point. This is the point when the car is just at the inside of the corner. At this point, the driver starts getting back in the throttle.

d. Exit point. At this point, the car again reaches outside the track. Now the driver reaches the end of the optimum exit point.

Kart racing in process.

The sequence

Generally speaking, the racing line sequence goes as follows:

The driver pulls the brake to its maximum capacity until it reaches the breaking point. The next step is to move the vision to its clipping point and turning in the car until it reaches the turn-in point. Make sure the apex is the ideal racing line. At this point, the driver starts to introduce the accelerator. To conclude the racing line, open up the steering until it reaches the corner’s exit point.

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