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How a F1 Racing Suit Is Made?

Do you want to know how Formula 1 Racing Suits are made? OMP Racing (@ompracing) just released an one-minute video showing how they manufacture the racing suits from George Russell (@georgerussell63)  and Nicholas Latifi (@nicholaslatifi)  from  @williamsracing. Formula 1 team.

Video starts showing the printing of the sponsor logos with a special fireproof paint. Although the fabric is already cut in the video, this is actually one of the first steps in the process and it is completely an automated process.

Check this out. 

OMP Racing manufactures one the the best and lightest racing suits in the market along side with cutting-edge racing gloves, racing shoes and race car parts. 

Be sure to check out all the different options and a complete set of features at the OMP Racing Collection session at  Fast Racer.


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