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Head and Neck Restraints: Why Protection is Necessary

Head and Neck Restraints: Why Protection is Necessary

Racing injuries are quite common. There are about 37000 motor accidents annually, out of which 315 are caused by street racing. Statistics show that a third of these fatal crashes occur from the rear end, putting the driver's neck and head at risk of a whiplash injury. Therefore, experts suggest both amateur and professional drivers buy driving helmets and use proper restraints while racing.

What is a Frontal Head Restraint?

Frontal Head Restraint (FHR), also called a HANS device, is an essential motor racing equipment used to protect the driver from head and neck injuries. It's natural for the head to whip back and forth with a jerk as the body recoils at the time of a crash. This jerk can cause severe and permanent injuries to the neck and the nervous system and even lead to skull fractures.

FHR keeps the head stabilized while minimizing the rotational movement of the neck. The seat belt decelerates the human body at the time of the crash. This is when the head maintains the vehicle's speed until the neck decelerates it. This strenuous jerking can cause severe musculoskeletal injuries that can become permanent.

A HANS device helps shift the pressure from the neck to the torso, chest, and other stable parts of the body and the seat at the time of deceleration.

Why is a HANS Device Necessary?

You may wonder why you need an FHR when helmets and a car seat protect your neck from the rear- or front-end collisions.

It's true that helmets are essential for racing and help prevent severe head injuries. But, a high-standard racing helmet weighs about 3 to 5 pounds, which is the weight carried directly by your head, neck, and shoulders.

The natural movement of the head during a collision is towards the front with a quick recoil. Having a 5-pound helmet without any support can cause the head to sustain a basilar skull fracture and other fatal injuries.

A HANS device neutralizes the helmet's weight and shifts the pressure down on the body while keeping the head stable inside the helmet.

An F1 racing car taking a turn on the track

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