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Basic Safety Essentials for Car Racing

Basic Safety Essentials for Car Racing

Don’t compromise on your safety! Here are the essentials you’ll need to protect yourself while racing.

When it comes to car racing, most people enjoy it because of the thrill and adrenaline rush. However, they forget the most important thing — essential safety gear. Seeking thrill and adventure is fun, but your safety comes first.

From 1981 to 1984, there had been the 9.5 number of accidents per injury in the Championship Auto Racing Teams series of 1984. In today’s age, though, technology has helped us enhance a driver’s safety with advanced safety gear. Let’s look at how some basic safety essentials are necessary for your protection during car racing.

Racing Helmet

A racing helmet is the most essential part of your protective wear. The racing helmet you buy for yourself should be approved as safe. Racing helmets are designed according to the field of vision. They have an internal lining, and the racing-approved helmets have a fire-retardant material lining as well. Helmets have a face shield, too, and are open enough for ventilation.


A fire suit goes over your technical underwear (Nomex pants or shirts). You need to decide whether you want single-layer protection or multi-layer. Make sure your fire suit fits you perfectly. It’s a necessary investment, and you don’t need to shy away from it.

These fire suits can last you for almost five years if handled and cared for properly. The standard fire suit, which is single-layered, has a second-degree burn-through time of about 3–7 seconds. Multi-layer suits can increase this time to up to 20 seconds. It's also a good idea to check with racing track owners or championship organizers if there's a specific approval required for your racing suit, whether it is SFI or FIA.

Two people on the racing track wearing racing suits, carrying their helmets

Safety Harness

Shoulder harnesses were introduced in the 1960s. Now drivers wear a six-point harness that allows them to be safe and secure in their seats. The racing harness wraps around you, and each point is connected to a single latch (buckle). This latch allows you to release yourself immediately from the harness if you want to exit your seat.

HANS Device

Also known as the Head and Neck Support Device or racing neck restraint. This is a head restraint that makes sure the driver’s head doesn’t whip around from their neck and body and stays secure to the helmet in case there’s a crash or collision. Racecar drivers have been using this since 2005.

Window Nets

Window nets protect the driver from any kind of harmful pieces flying around if there’s a crash. They also provide safety to the driver’s arms.

Gloves and boots

Gloves and boots/shoes come in various designs, colors, and sizes, depending on your personal choice and taste. Both of these are necessary for a driver’s safety and comfort. The racing shoes provide you with an enhanced feel and grip on the acceleration and brake pedals while protecting the driver against fire.

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Anna Collins - February 17, 2023

It caught my attention when you said that it’s best for car racers to invest in a fire suit since they can last almost five years while giving you a layer of protection while on the track. It seems like my brother has taken an interest in racecar driving recently since I found out he bought a fire suit just last week. I hope he finds good online racecar driver courses to take to help him learn more about it.

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