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A Step-By-Step Breakdown of Go-Karts

A Step-By-Step Breakdown of Go-Karts

How well do you know your go-kart? Challenge your knowledge with this step by step breakdown of go karts.  

two go karts on the track

With the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, it’s challenging to find a sport or an adventure that would be considered safe and by COVID-19 guidelines. One activity that adheres to social distancing is go-karting.

Go-karting is a popular activity and considered fun and adventurous by many. Indeed, the market for go-karts is growing and predicted to be around $88 million by 2022. The pre-requisite to becoming a go-karting pro includes understanding the anatomy of a go-kart. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the different parts of a go-kart:

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of a go-kart is different than that of other vehicles—it is attached to a steering shaft and contains two rods for steering. The rule of thumb is to maintain a firm hold on the steering wheel without grasping it too tightly to avoid sharp turns and mishaps.

Opt for the and two and three-quarters position, i.e. a two on the go-kart steering wheel to ensure smooth functioning and better hold of the wheel.


The main feature of the seats is adjust ability to ensure the correct position and fit. You must lookout for a comfortable Go-kart seat  that provides support and durability. Two popular materials used for the seats are carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Make sure to adjust the Go-kart seat  as per your preference to be able to reach the pedals. Sit straight up against the Go-kart seat  instead of leaning forwards as it can injure your back and increase the chances of any mishap.

four people racing in a go kart


Go-karts are for children and adults, both with significant differences in torque and horsepower. Adult go-karts are around 200cc, similar to those in any standard car, whereas junior go-karts go up to 120cc.

Keep in mind that junior go-karts are not just for kids but can be used to practice at a beginner level before getting your hand steady on the steering wheel.


Go-karts usually have significantly broader or wider Go-kart tires to distribute the speed and weight of the go-kart. This feature makes sense as go-karts are not equipped to go fast or have features like power steering.

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