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A Comprehensive Guide to Go-Kart Racing Gear

A Comprehensive Guide to Go-Kart Racing Gear

Go-karting is a steppingstone for racing enthusiasts to go and become future Formula 1 champions. Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton is amongst current starts that started their journey on a go-kart racing track. Even though it is regarded as safe motorsport, you need to take adequate security measures to help you enjoy your race.

Companies have actively worked on manufacturing go-kart racing gear to ensure the protection of racers. Modern go-karts have features that provide a safe racing experience, but they do have an open-wheel design that risks the driver to significant injuries in an accident. Let’s look at some essential go-kart race gear, such as carbon fiber helmets.

Karting Helmets

Karting helmets are inarguably one of the most crucial safety equipment required during a race. You can never underestimate the importance of these critical safety gear. It protects your head as any head injury from a racing incident can be fatal. Make sure that you invest in a quality karting helmet that is sturdy and is made from quality materials.

At the forefront of karting, helmet manufacturing is Bell. The company is known to make quality karting helmets. Racing enthusiasts have given rave reviews about the company’s products. Bell’s helmets are carefully designed are pretty aesthetically pleasing. You can check out the bell helmets 2020 or Bell karting helmets collection at Fast Racer. 

Karting Suits

Karting suits are another crucial piece of safety equipment you need to have on a racetrack. A high-quality racing suit will protect you from abrasion and maintain the in-race temperature that helps you elevate your race performance. It is essential to get the size right as you don’t want a size too significant that’ll impact your performance or a size too small that suffocates you inside the go-kart.

OMP KS-3 kart suit has been getting rave reviews from karting enthusiasts. It is pretty comfortable and made from lightweight fabrics, and a sift knitted inner lining. It also fulfills the requirement of the CIK-FIA Level 2.

Drivers kart racing on a track

Karting Shoes

A proper pair of go-kart racing shoes will elevate your performance to the next level. It will provide you with greater control for accelerating and braking, that’ll give you an advantage over your fellow racers. They are also essential to protect your feet in any unwanted racing accident. Pick a durable shoe made from premium quality materials such as leather or microfiber. They should also have a comfortable rubber sole.

The OMP KS-2 kart shoes can be your reliable partner during a race. It is made from lightweight materials and a slip-resistant sole to enhance your performance levels. The lace-free closure with a single strap ensures easy entry and a secure fit.

Finding Karting Gear Online  

If you’re looking for quality gear for your top-quality karting gear, then Fast Racer is the answer to your question. You can buy a karting suit online or Carbon fiber helmet that are sourced from the very best of the business. They have numerous products available online. Visit their website today to equip yourself with quality karting gloves.


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