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Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding some seat brands. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free.
3 Of The Best Carbon Fiber Racing Helmets You Can Buy Right Now

3 Of The Best Carbon Fiber Racing Helmets You Can Buy Right Now

Many motorsport enthusiasts think that carbon fiber racing helmets are overpriced. Yes, they look nice and slightly lighter than their fiberglass and metal counterparts, but is it enough to justify the premium price you pay? Well, if you're a professional racer, it definitely is.

You see, carbon fiber helmets are considered to be the very pinnacle of motorsport safety helmets. They're lighter than regular metal and fiberglass helmets but are much more effective when it comes to distributing the energy upon impact and distributing it evenly across the fiber liner, making them much safer.

In today’s blog post, we’ll show you some of the safest and lightest carbon fiber motorsport helmets you can buy in 2021.

Bell RS7 Carbon Duckbill

One of Bell Racing’s flagship products, the Bell RS7 Carbon Duckbill helmet, features an ultra-light all-carbon shell and is based on the widely-acclaimed HP7 design. In addition to providing racers with unparalleled aerodynamic performance, incredible energy absorbing capabilities, and excellent acoustic comfort, the RS7 Carbon Duckbill boasts an advanced ventilation system with 14 extraction and intake channels for optimal ventilation and airflow. This helmet is both FIA and Snell SA2020-certified. 

Stilo ST5 GT Carbon

One of the lightest carbon helmets on the market at just 3.2 lbs., the Stilo ST5 GT is a favorite amongst professional racing teams. Featuring two integrated side ports, the helmet can be fitted with any combination of hydration, top or side-forced air, and electronics systems.

The helmet also features a lower and taller eye-port to provide the driver with better visibility while not compromising safety. There are center pinch clips fitted to each visor to make opening and closing easy. The ST5 GT is also one of the strongest carbon racing helmets out there, as it's made with 100% medium-tensile carbon.

carbon fiber racing helmet

Bell HP5 Touring Carbon Fiber

An all-purpose, ultra-versatile helmet, the HP5 Touring Carbon is primarily designed for racers competing in closed car environments who use an external cooling system and require maximum protection (the helmet is FIA8860-certified). The outer shell of the HP5 Touring is made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber. It features a high-impact, multi-density, multi-piece custom bead absorbing liner for high and low-velocity impact protection.

carbon fiber racing helmet

Fast Racer offers premium carbon fiber racing helmets from industry-leading motorsport safety manufacturers, such as Bell Racing and Stilo. Check out our collection of high-quality Carbon fiber helmet to find one that suits you best.




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