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Free shipping on all US domestic orders, excluding some seat brands. There is no minimum purchase, and even the small stuff ships free.
3 Important Race Safety Accessories

3 Important Race Safety Accessories

Learn about the most important race safety accessories to avoid accidents.

Driving your car at high speeds is a thrill like no other. You feel free and powerful as you cut through the wind with your racecar, but considering how fast you’re going, anything can go wrong, leaving you in the hospital or wheelchair for many months.

Being in motorsports and auto racing can be extremely dangerous. At any point your brakes could give, preventing you from stopping your car and ending up in a collision that might cost you your life.

But fret not, this is why we have essential race safety gear and accessories. If you want to stay safe while your delve into auto racing, here are some of the must-have race safety accessories.


It doesn’t matter how secure you think your car is or how it won’t be damaging your head, having a race safety helmet is extremely important.

Sure, you’re in an enclosed space when driving at high speed, but one wrong move, and you will be thrown around like a rag doll, injuring one of your most vital body parts─ the head.

Most helmets are constructed using sturdy materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass that not only keep your head from getting smashed in but also absorbs some of the collision’s impact, and keeps your hair away from catching fire.

Racing tracksuit and shoes

Now you wouldn’t show up to construction work wearing your casual everyday outfits? Mostly, because it’s a dangerous job and the suit provides safety while you work. So, why would you skip out on buying a racing tracksuit for your motorsports?

Racecar tracksuits are knitted with cooler, lighter, and fire-resistant material, keeping you safe in the case of an accident. They’re not just a fashion piece that looks cool when you strut down to your racecar, it’s an essential item of clothing built to keep you cool and protected.

Furthermore, you’ll also need racecar safe shoes, that allow your feet to firmly grip the pedals and brakes and not slip off. Auto racing shoes also come in fire-resistant material, meant to keep you safe no matter what.

auto racing and driving helmet

Seats and harness

Once you’ve got your helmet, tracksuit, and shoes to protect you, you’ll also need to invest in some quality motor racing seats and harnesses.

Fiberglass racecar seats will absorb the impact of the collision, keeping your neck, spine, and other essential parts from any damages. The seat harness or belts fasten around your arms and body, preventing you from flying out the windshield.

If you’re looking to buy essential race safety gear and accessories, check out what we have in store for you.

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