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Stand 21 | FHR 20 Medium Club Series 3 Head and Neck Restraint Device

$379.00 USD

  • The FHR is the greatest safety innovation since the full-face helmet and the fire retardant racing suit. It reduces the risk of basilar skull fracture or muscle stretching during an intense deceleration, the primary cause of death in motor racing. Two of every three drivers now purchase FHRs, even when the device is not compulsory in their racing series.

  • The Stand 21 20 Club Series 3 Head and Neck Restraint Device offers the top quality and innovative ergonomy of the renowned FHR Featherlite and Ultimate models at an affordable Club Series pricing.

  • This makes the the Stand 21 FHR 20 Club Series 3 Head and Neck Restraint Device a logical choice for both entry level and experienced drivers. This FHR device features a revised collar design and injected resin, giving the FHR an incredibly light weight that rivals other competitive carbon devices on the market.

  • Expertly crafted by hand in France, the Stand 21 Club Series 3 FHRs are undoubtedly the most effective combination of affordability, comfort, and above all, safety.

  • Size: MEDIUM.

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