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Free Shipping on ALL US domestic orders, excluding some oversized items. There is no minimum purchase and even the small stuff ships free.

Simagic P1000 Pedals

by Simagic
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About this item:

P1000 Modular Pedal

Crossing the limits, extraordinary performance

You have at least 9 reasons to acquire yours....

The P1000 Modular Pedal is a high-performance pedal designed for racing enthusiasts and professional drivers. It boasts several advanced features and technologies to provide an extraordinary racing experience. Here are the key features and components of the P1000 Modular Pedal:

  1. Haptic Pedal Reactor (P-HPR): This patented linear motor technology simulates the forces experienced in real automobiles, delivering realistic and unmistakable feedback. The vibrations can be adjusted and parameterized to recreate diverse driving feedback from different vehicles. Telemetry parameters and vibration characteristics can be modified and updated through software.

  2. Hydraulic System (P-HYS): The optional hydraulic brake system provides a more accurate reproduction of the damping and rebound of genuine car brakes, enhancing the pedal feel and responsiveness.

  3. Inverted Installation Version: The P1000 can be installed in two configurations. The standard installation recreates the racing car experience, while the inverted installation recreates the passenger car experience, catering to the needs of different users.

  4. SIM RAY Lighting Module: The P1000 features the SIM RAY lighting module, which includes an optional RGB heel stop (P-SRH) and bottom strip (P-SRB). These modules support telemetry data feedback and customizable lighting colors. For example, the lights can flash red on brake input and green on throttle input. (Note: RGB bottom strip is currently not supported.)

  5. Modular Integrated Design: The P1000 pedal has a modular design, allowing for quick replacement of rubber pads and supporting free combinations. With up to 27,648 possible combinations, users can customize the pedal to match their preferences.

  6. Multiple Adjustments: The pedal offers various adjustment options to suit different driving styles and preferences. These include adjustable pedal spacing, pedal height, throttle strength (light and heavy), pitch angle, pedal stroke, and quick clutch adjustment.

  7. Pro-Level Design: The P1000 pedal is designed with powerful race genes and has been jointly developed with race engineers. Its construction ensures durability and reliability, with an all-aluminum alloy metal structure capable of withstanding high-strength use.

  8. Easy Installation: The P1000 pedal has been optimized for easy installation. The standard version requires the installation of eight screws and is equipped with a profile installation plate and a wiring box. These components allow for quick installation using finished brackets and profile brackets.

  9. SimPro Manager: The SimPro Manager software is used for calibrating and setting the SIMAGIC pedals. It provides options to adjust dead zones and output curves, allowing users to fine-tune the pedal's performance according to their preferences.

The P1000 Modular Pedal aims to provide precise control, outstanding durability, and realistic feedback to enhance the racing experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The P1000 is SIMAGIC's first high-integration, professional racing pedal with a modular design and multiple expansion capabilities It covers all racing scenarios to meet the control needs of drivers in different situationsThe standard version can be used by installing 8 screws The unit is equipped with a profile installation plate and a wiring box which can easily be matched with finished brackets and profile brackets for quick installationSIMPLE AND CONVENIENT YET VERSATILE Modular integrated design, quick replacement of Rubber Pads Standard is equipped with 2 types of Rubber Pads Optional with 2 types of Rubber Pads, supports free combination There are 27648 rubber combinations, which is enough to meet various foot feel needsRECOMMENDED BY RACE ENGINEERSWITH PRECISE CONTROL YOU CAN DOMINATE THE RACE TRACK SIMINGI Loadcell sensor and Hall angle sensor can be switched freely A) For civilian cars with long travel distance Hall angle sensors are more accurate B) For racing cars with short travel distance Loadcell sensor are more accurateMETICULOUSLY CRAFTED DURABLE AND RELIABLE ENSURING PEAK PERFORMANCE IN EVERY GAME The P1000 is made of high-quality aluminum alloy using CNC technology, making it more precise and durable The all-aluminum alloy metal structure ensures outstanding performance even under heavy use and is up to the task of full-force braking It offers a precise driving experienceMULTIPLE ADJUSTMENTS AVAILABLE The P1000 pedals can be adapted to suit the driving habits of different players. 1500 OP-HPR OSIM RAY THE PEDAL SPACING OP-HPR OP-HPR TX 200 IS Multiple screw hole positions provide spacing adjustments for the Throttle, Brake, and Clutch ADJUSTABLE THE PITCH ANGLE IS ADJUSTABLE Adjust the angle of the pedal pads to suit various positions and operating habitsPEDAL HEIGHT CAN BE ADJUSTED Ability to adapt to different foot sizes GIC ADJUST THE MAXIMUM PEDAL STROKE Freely adjust the maximum travel for each pedal THROTTLE STRENGTH IS ADJUSTABLE LIGHT AND HEAVY Adjust the throttle strength to suit your needs QUICK ADJUSTMENT OF THE CLUTCH Adjust the strength to your needs by turning the clutch screwP-HPR  The new self-developed linear motor can simulate the same forces experienced in real automobiles offering realistic and unmistakable feedback The frequency and amplitude of vibrations may be adjusted and parameterized to accurately recreate diverse driving feedback from different vehicles Various telemetry parameters and vibration characteristics can be modified which are constantly updated via the software  P-HYS  The optional P-HYS hydraulic brake system is available for purchase providing a more accurate reproduction of the damping and rebound of genuine car brakesA BRAND NEW SIM RAY LIGHTING MODULE P-SRB not supported by the P1000i series  The optional RGB heel stop(P-SRH) and RGB bottom strip (P-SRB) are available for purchase supporting telemetry data feedback and customizable lighting colorsDeveloped in collaboration with racing teams and professional driversP1000 DIMENSIONSRELEASE INFORMATION Clutch Springs, Included Brake Rubber Pads, Installation Kit Warranty Card, Installation Tutorial, USB Cable L shaped mounting plate, The brake cylinder comes equipped with Rubber Pads,three red, three blue and two gray  Optional Accessories *Requires P1000 accessories power supply (sold separately): P-SRH (Sim Ray - Heel Stop),P-HPR (Haptic Pedal Reactor) P-SRB (Sim Ray - Bar),P-HYS(Hydraulic system)TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Product Name: P1000/P1000i Resolution: 12Bit (4096) [High accuracy sensor] USB Connection: PC. SIMAGIC Wheelbase (Can-Bus Port) Adjustable Travel: Supported Adjustable Spring Force Level: Clutch, Brake Hall angle sensor: (Throttle Hall angle sensor) Loadcell sensor: (Brake-Hall angle sensor/Loadcell sensor) Loadcell sensor: 100KG Haptic Pedal Reactor: Optional Hydraulic Cylinder: Optional Inverted Installation: P1000i Pedal Plate: Anodized Aluminum Alloy Angle/Position Adjustment: Supported Adjustable Linearity: Supported Adjustable Brake Force: Supported Adjustable Deadzones: Supported Pedal Control Box: Included Building Material: CNC Aluminum Alloy Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 334.8mm x 336mm x 267mm/ 348mm x 489.8mm x 368.5mm Net Weight: 5.65kg/7.60kg

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