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Bell KC7-CMR Series Helmetes F1 Editions - Ayrton Senna, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso - Fast Racer

Are Bell Karting Helmets Suitable for any Motorsport?

By Matt Lambert at Right Motorsport 


When it comes to karting, safety is paramount. Whether you're a seasoned karting veteran or a newcomer to the sport, protecting yourself on the track is essential.  

That's where Bell’s Karting Helmets come into play.  

However, as karting helmets seemingly provide a cheaper alternative to driver head protection, are they suitable for other forms of motorsport? And who can they be worn by? 

In this article, we'll delve into the world of Bell Racing Helmets, explore the unique features of their different classifications, and address the common questions surrounding karting helmets. 


The Bell KC7-CMR Series: F1 Editions 

Bell Racing Helmets has introduced a new line of karting helmets featuring the colour schemes of Formula 1 drivers. The traditional Bell-shape helmet is withheld along with striking colour combinations inspired by racing legends like Ayrton Senna, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso.  

These helmets not only offer top-notch protection but also allow karting enthusiasts to express their individuality and style on the track. 

As these helmets have grown in popularity, drivers from all ages and divisions of motorsport are wondering if these helmets can be worn. 


Bell KC7-CMR Kart Helmets - Ayrton Senna - Main Left - Fast Racer

Bell KC7-CMR Kart Helmet F1 Series - Ayrton Senna


Homologation: What It Means for Motorsport 

Firstly, it's essential to understand the purpose of homologation. Homologation standards are set by governing bodies like the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and the Snell Foundation to establish safety benchmarks for helmets used in all forms of motorsports. These standards encompass various aspects such as impact protection, shell construction, visor strength, and fire resistance. 

The Bell KC7 helmets are rated to CMR-2016 standard, specifically aimed at karting and to be used by under-18’s This is because the helmet emphasizes lightweight construction, superior impact absorption, and enhanced visibility – all crucial elements for kart drivers, especially those in junior categories.  

While originally intended for younger drivers, adults can still derive benefits from helmets meeting this standard, particularly in karting or similar low-speed motorsport activities. 

However, the suitability of CMR-2016 helmets for adults largely depends on the specific requirements of their individual racing championships or events. In many cases, racing organizations mandate helmets that comply with certain homologation standards, such as FIA 8859-2015, which is specifically geared towards circuit racing and rallying and offers high level of testing when compared to CMR-2016. 

Therefore, adult drivers interested in wearing Bell KC7-CMR helmets should first check the regulations of their respective racing leagues or events to ensure compliance with the required homologation standards. While CMR-2016 helmets may be acceptable in some instances, others may stipulate the use of helmets meeting high levels of specification. 

It's also worth noting that while the CMR-2016 homologation is specific to karting, it doesn't necessarily imply inferior safety standards compared to other certifications. The FIA and Snell Foundation rigorously test helmets to ensure they provide optimal protection against various forms of impact and potential hazards encountered in motorsport environments. 


Bell KC7-CMR for Track Day Use 

Many drivers require helmets if they plan on attending a track day. Helmets are usually mandatory at most track events, and whilst a lot of circuits will offer helmets for hire or rent, owning your own can make a big difference to your overall experience.  

Karting helmets, in general, can be used for track days as there are no competition standards or regulations in place. Be aware, however, that some track days hosted by professional motorsport bodies, may enforce regulated helmet standards.  

It is always important to check with the event organisers if helmet regulations are in place. If not, then karting helmets, like the Bell KC7’s should be okay to use. 


Bell KC7-CMR Kart Helmet - Charles Leclerc Signature Series +Free HP Helmet Bag - Main - Fast Racer

Bell KC7-CMR Kart Helmet - Charles Leclerc Signature Series


Safety First: Why Bell Racing Helmets Are a Top Choice 

Bell Racing Helmets are renowned for their uncompromising commitment to safety, which can be observed by half of the F1 grid sporting Bell helmets. 

The KC7-CMR series undergoes rigorous testing to meet the stringent FIA/Snell CMR-2016 standards, ensuring maximum protection for karting enthusiasts of all ages.  

The lightweight yet durable construction of these helmets, combined with their advanced impact absorption technology, helps mitigate the risks associated with high-speed karting. 


Comfort and Performance: Features That Set Bell Helmets Apart 

In addition to their superior safety features, Bell Racing Helmets prioritize comfort and performance on the track. The KC7-CMR series features a plush interior lining that wick away moisture and provides a snug yet comfortable fit.  

The aerodynamic design of these helmets minimizes drag, as karting requires minimal resistance due to having an exposed head, allowing drivers to maintain optimal speed and agility. With adjustable visors and ventilation systems, Bell helmets offer enhanced visibility and airflow, ensuring a pleasant racing experience even in the most demanding conditions. 



Express Your Style: Bell Helmets Inspired by Racing Legends 

One of the standout features of the Bell KC7-CMR series is its unique aesthetic inspired by iconic Formula 1 drivers. Whether you're a fan of Ayrton Senna's legendary yellow and green livery or Lewis Hamilton's vibrant purple and yellow design, there's a Bell helmet that suits your style. With options ranging from classic to contemporary, these helmets allow karting enthusiasts to channel their favourite racing icons while making a statement on the track. 


Conclusion: Elevate Your Karting Experience with Bell Racing Helmets 

In conclusion, while the Bell KC7-CMR helmets are primarily designed for junior karting drivers, adults can still wear them under certain circumstances, provided they adhere to the regulations of their racing leagues or events.  

With their CMR-2016 homologation, from a legal regulatory perspective, these helmets are not suitable for competitions that require FIA 8859-2015 or above. Whilst karting helmets do offer superior safety and performance, the regulations determine if helmets are appropriate for the sport, so be sure to check with your event organisers! 

As a leading retailer of racing equipment and clothing, proudly offers a wide selection of Bell KC7-CMR helmets, including signature series designs inspired by iconic F1 drivers. Explore our collection today and experience the perfect blend of safety, style, and performance. 

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